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This compilation of facts and photographs began about March 2003. It was to be purely and simply a record of the plants, flowers and shrubs in my garden but eventually grew into a bigger project as I realised that the information I gathered could be of use to others.

This is not an exhaustive reference library; simply a collection of facts and information to be read and used or ignored. Some of the articles are currently 'on loan' and have been re-arranged, new and better photographs are currently being sought.
Apart from the photographs and articles there is a week-by-week diary for reference and a reminder of jobs to be completed, should you have the time.

If you have any suggestions for plants, shrubs or techniques to be included in the future, or the 's
ite' could be made easier to use, then please do not hesitate to contact me using feedback. Also, if any of the hyperlinks do not operate, please let me know. And remember, your views are very much appreciated.