welsh rarebit

Welsh rarebit is wonderful comfort food, especially enjoyed beside a crackling fire. It's a balancing act of textures and flavours, best eaten hot with threads of cheese stretching from hand to mouth. A quick classic.

serves: 6-8

1 tbsp English mustard powder
80-100ml Guinness
70g butter, cubed
180g Lancashire cheese, grated
150g Ogleshield cheese, grated (available online from Neal's Yard, or use comté as an alternative)
1-2 tsp Worcestershire sauce, to taste
3 large egg yolks
6-8 thick slices of bread

Put the mustard powder and Guinness into a heavy-bottomed pan and stir to combine. Heat the mixture gently over a low heat and add the cubed butter until it's melted.

Stir through the cheese and continue stirring over a medium heat until smooth and stringy; don't allow the mixture to boil at any stage. Once smooth, remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, being careful it doesn't set too hard. Add the Worcestershire sauce, adjust the seasoning to taste and beat the yolks into the warm mixture.

Heat the grill to medium-high, and place the bread in the toaster to lightly colour both sides. Spoon a generous helping of the mixture onto the surface of the toast, place under the grill and cook until golden and bubbling.