turkey tabbouleh with lemon and herbs

James Martin

700ml cold water
150g bulgur wheat
1 bunch spring onions, trimmed and sliced
150g pecans, chopped
100g chopped apricots
100g dried cranberries
80g pomegranate seeds
4 lemons juiced
6 tbsp olive oil or Extra Special cold-pressed rapeseed oil
8 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley
8 tbsp chopped coriander
5 tbsp chopped mint
1 tbsp harissa paste
1 tbsp clear honey
1 x 340g turkey breast fillet

Place the cold water in a bowl with the bulgur wheat. Cover with cling film and set aside for 30 minutes, or bettor still overnight. Drain off any liquid. Break up with a fork.

Add the spring onions, pecans, apricots, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, lemon juice, 5 tbsp oil and the herbs and mix well. Season with ground black pepper.

Mix the remaining oil and harissa in a bowl. Slice the turkey into 1cm strips and add to the bowl, mixing to coat. Stir-fry in a hot pan until cooked through. Stir in the honey. Season.

Add the cooked turkey to the salad, tossing to combine.

Serve either warm or cold.

top tip: For a softer texture, you can cover the bulgur wheat with boiling hot stock or water and stand for 30 minutes before draining.