6 of the best melting cheeses

Cheese is an emulsion of fat and water, held together by a protein called casein. When heated, the casein bonds break and the cheese melts. The ones that melt best have a higher moisture content.

1 FONTINA Buttery, fruity northern Italian cheese. Great in toasties, pasta, frittatas and fondue.

2 TALEGGIO Pungent Italian washed-rind cheese with a nutty core. Try it in autumnal risottos with bacon.

3 GRUYERE Sweet, semi-hard alpine cheese, perfect for souffles, sauces and topping French onion soup.

4 MOZZARELLA The classic pizza topper with a molten stretchiness.

5 REBLOCHON French washed-rind cheese - melt it onto potatoes to make the alpine dish tartiflette.

6 RACLETTE Swiss alpine cheese often melted on a table-top grill and served with potatoes, pickles and ham.