Pigs are wonderful animals and produce amazing meat. They also provide a carcass that is more versatile than any other. You can eat almost every part of it, and can do so many things with the meat: not just roasting, frying and stewing, but smoking, curing, salting, drying, even fermenting, as in a traditional salami.

Official advice is to cook pork thoroughly, until no pink juices remain (though even well-cooked pork can sometimes have a rosy tint in the meat itself). If I'm cooking a lean cut, such as tenderloin or chump chops, for myself, and I'm confident about its provenance, I err on the side of juiciness by leaving the meat just pink in the middle. If you feel more comfortable cooking your pork until well done, stick to the fattier, more succulent cuts, such as belly and shoulder, or sausages. If they have come from a well-raised, properly butchered animal, they'll still come up trumps every time.