lighter tiramisu

This classic uses light and fat-free ingredients, and is made without eggs to reduce the calories

serves 6, cook 10 mins plus chilling

125g light mascarpone
200g tub Asda Fat Free Greek Style Yogurt
1tbsp vanilla bean paste
1tbsp icing sugar
25ml Madeira or sherry
75ml strong coffee or espresso, cooled
12 sponge fingers
10g cocoa, to dust
15g dark chocolate, grated

Stir the mascarpone until soft and creamy, then mix in the yogurt and vanilla paste until combined. Sift in the icing sugar and mix well.

Pour the Madeira or sherry and coffee into a bowl. Break the sponge fingers in half.

Dip the fingers briefly into the coffee mixture, then gently push 2 halves down to line the bottom of a chef’s ring or serving glass. Top with 1tbsp of the yogurt mixture, then another 2 sponge finger halves and more yogurt. Repeat for the other 5 rings or glasses, then chill for at least 20 mins.

To serve, remove the chef’s rings, if using, dust with cocoa and top with grated chocolate.