cumin potatoes with spinach

The spicy flavours contrast so well with the cooling yogurt and runny egg yolk.

serves 1 ready in 30 mins. V. GF.

Handful baby potatoes, cut into chunks
2 cloves garlic
½ tsp ground cumin
Handful spinach leaves
1 egg
1 tbsp yogurt
Pinch smoked paprika
2tsp olive oil

Heat 1 tsp of the olive oil in a pan, add the potato chunks and whole garlic cloves and gently cook for 15 mins. Stir in ¼ tsp of the cumin after the potatoes have been cooking for about 7 mins.

When the potatoes are cooked, add another ¼ tsp cumin and the spinach leaves. Set aside for the spinach to wilt.

Meanwhile, fry the egg in 1 tsp oil in a separate pan.

To serve, put the potato and spinach mixture in a bowl and sprinkle with the yogurt and smoked paprika. Season the fried egg with black pepper and serve on top.

Per serving – 182g: 209 kcals, 12.2g fat, 2.7g saturates, 2.2g sugars, 0.29gsalt