nserves 4, prep 15 mins plus 1hr for soaking, cook 20 mins

4 corn cobs
500g unsalted butter (most of this will drip off)
200ml bourbon
150ml runny honey
Salt and pepper

1. First, soak the corn in cold water for around an hour to stop it drying out when cooking.

2. Make the marinade by heating the butter in a pan until it starts to foam, then turn the heat down and watch it very carefully: you want the butter to brown in colour but not burn.

3. When the butter has just started to brown and smell nutty, remove from the heat and allow to cool fully, don't worry about the sediment in the bottom, you can strain it later if you want.

4. When the corn cobs are cool add the bourbon and honey then season with salt and pepper, whisk to combine. If it looks lumpy just warm it a little being careful not to boil as it may ignite the alcohol.

5. To cook the corn, remove from the water and place straight on the BBQ, cook for around 15-20 minutes turning frequently and basting with the butter from time to time, saving enough to brush over when cooked (remember the butter has alcohol in, so will create a flame when dripped onto the BBQ).

per serving: Cals 205, Sugar 6g, Fat 14g, Sat fat 8g, Salt 0.01g