blueberry cheesecake

makes 4, 20 minutes, plus 2 hours chilling

80g rolled oats
60g pitted fresh dates
80g ground almonds
3 tbsp melted coconut oil
280g cream cheese
2 tsp vanilla extract
250ml double cream
280g blueberry Jam or other sugar-free spread
handful of blueberries

Place the oats in a food processor and blitz to a powder. Add the dates, almonds, coconut oil and a pinch of fine sea salt and blitz until combined.

Divide between 4 x 10cm cheesecake tins (or a 20cm spring-form cake tin) and press in evenly with the back of a spoon, then place in the fridge to chill.

Meanwhile, beat together the cream cheese, vanilla extract and cream until thick. Spread evenly over the chilled base. Chill for 2 hours, or until set.

When ready to serve, spread with the blueberry jam and top with a few blueberries. Release from the tin and serve immediately.