beef & vegetable lasagne

A warming meal to cheer up a chilly day serves 2 ready in 60 mins

2 x sheets dried lasagne
150g asda frozen lean minced beef
2 sprays sunflower oil spray
150g asda frozen scratch cook

vegetable base mix
1tsp asda frozen scratch cook garlic
227g can napolina chopped tomatoes
2tbsp tomato purée
4 basil leaves shredded or 1 level tsp dried oregano
125g quark
2tbsp fat free fromage frais
1 large egg

Simmer the lasagne in water for 8-10 mins until tender. Drain and set aside.

Preheat the oven to 190c/ 170c fan gas 5. Spread the mince out evenly in a nonstick frying pan. Cook for 5-7 mins, stirring often. Tip into a small pan.

Wipe out the frying pan and spray with the frylight. Cook the frozen vegetable base mix and garlic for
3-4 mins, stirring often. Add the veg to the mince.

Add the tomatoes, tomato purée, basil or oregano and 5tbsp water, bring to a boil then simmer, covered, for 15 mins.

Mix the quark and fromage frais together until smooth. Add the egg and beat in with a fork. Season.

Spray the inside of a small ovenproof dish with frylight. Put a layer of pasta in the bottom. Cover with half the meat sauce, then another layer of pasta, the rest of the meat sauce and the rest of the lasagne.

Top with the quark mix. Bake for 25 mins. Serve.

Energy; 374 kcals, Fat; 7.6g; Saturates; 2.8g; Sugars; 15.6g, Salt; 0.47g




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