banoffie pie jars

This portable sweet treat is the perfect dessert for your picnic

serves 6, ready in 15 mins

100g Jumbo Scottish Porridge oats
450g pack Asda Low Fat Toffee Yogurts
3 large bananas, peeled and sliced
75g Asda Light Mascarpone Cheese
150g Asda Fat Free Greek Yogurt
100g strawberries to serve

In a dry frying pan toast the oats over a medium heat for 5 mins or until golden. Allow to cool.

Divide 240g of the toffee yogurt between 6 clean jam jars and top with the sliced banana.

Mix the mascarpone with the yogurt and spread half over the banana. Sprinkle over the oats dividing evenly between the jars.

Top with the remaining toffee yogurt, then the mascarpone mixture.

Pop a few strawberries on top to serve.

Each 218g serving: 187 kcals, 5.7g fat, 13.5g sugars